What Doesn't Work

                                             It’s not building teams that make a project successful – it’s how teams build their plans.

Then there are the kinds of teams that deliver business results. These teams are also groups of competent and diligent individuals with good intentions who are ready to do the work. But these people come together with us, and we know that effective project teams don’t just happen, that good intentions and hard work alone don’t deliver business results.

A team that defines what project to plan, and plans it right, gets business results.

We make these teams ask and answer tough questions and face the tough problems. And we teach them how to spot and handle all the potential obstacles to their success – even if they come from unexpected places. In other words, we teach them how to deal with the pressures they’ll face every day. A team launched by EJA is a mobilized force of individuals that have worked together in a room for four days on their project, understood the needs of their stakeholders, resolved the problems they face, hammered out the details and taken ownership.

Not in four months of floundering.

Not in six months of meetings.

But in less than one week with us.

And they know where they are going and how they are going to get there. Because they didn’t spend their time with us just figuring out how to get along. A team that gets along well is not enough. This team has bonded around the project. And they are elated, excited, and energized in a way they haven’t been in a long, long time. Because they know what they are going to do, how long it will take, and what each of them is expected to deliver.

And that takes a comprehensive solution.

Our project teams deliver because they’ve learned the absolute necessity of thinking through and dealing with all the things that impact their project – not just the obvious ones. Things like bureaucratic procedures. Like difficult personalities. Like organizational politics. In other words, all the things teams face in a large organization. Today’s teams need more than just the mechanics. They need a comprehensive approach that equips them with the thinking skills to deal with everything they’ll encounter in their real world, from conflict to commitment – plus the project management tools that keep a team on track. Because you need more than just project teams. You need effective project teams. And that’s what we deliver.

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