Project + Planning = Results

Here is what we do:
We launch project teams that deliver results.

Real teams with real projects with real plans.

Teams that turn strategy into results.

Not just teams – effective teams.

It’s immediate payback.
It’s a comprehensive solution.
It’s what we do for you.

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We work directly with your people to translate complex opportunities or problems into manageable, results-oriented projects. We facilitate workshops that use the nuts and bolts of project management to help your teams define, plan and execute their projects and deliver on schedule and budget.

We launch and support your project teams, orchestrating clarity, passion and commitment …and enable your teams to quickly deliver the practical solutions you need to achieve your organization's goals.

We provide process consulting, training and team facilitation services. We do not manage projects for you. We do not provide advice or develop technology or products for you - your teams do that using our proprietary Agile Project Process , which translates the concepts and discipline of project management into road maps for implementing innovation and managing complexity.

Our Agile Project Process works with any strategy, technology or product, because your team members provide the multi-disciplinary expertise required. We have used our Agile Project Process successfully with project teams developing genetically engineered livestock, growing replacement human skin, tissue and bone, engineering detectors for biological and chemical agents, reformulating margarine, launching new shampoos and laundry detergents, designing complex software systems, and implementing new business strategies. We cannot provide technical expertise in areas this diverse, and we don't need to. Your people provide the expertise, we provide the proven process.

We are absolutely committed to your best interests and success.

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