Who We Are

                                               It can be difficult to sort out the differences when you’re looking for the right solution. These days, project management is used to mean anything from a software program…to us…and everything in between. And when you are searching for possible solutions to your business problems, labels like project management can make very different options sound the same. We understand that, so we would like to help by pointing out some things.

We have built our reputation launching real teams working on real projects who return to work the next day ready to go with a completed project plan.

We have refined and honed the stakeholder interview process to ensure that your teams are planning the right project.

We teach a realistic model for how to consider the make-or-break factors, navigate organizational politics and build support to influence the right results.

And we have built into our methodology how teams deliver when there are unexpected problems, big changes and new demands with tradeoff replanning – skills absolutely critical in today’s volcanic business environment.

And that makes us different.

When we first started our company, someone asked us what we wanted to be famous for. It’s a good question. And the answer we gave in 1986 is still the same today. We want to provide the world with the process that lets people solve their problems and realize their vision. Project by project. Team by team. Company by company.

We’ve been doing that ever since. Unilever’s centralized research division changed the way it did business by electing to have us conduct workshops to launch projects with over 3,000 scientists and managers. As a result of that success, over 13 of Unilever’s autonomous operating companies have called on us to deliver the same results for them. We’ve done work for them in over 10 countries. Our work here in the United States also includes Bayer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Intel, Honeywell, and Ciba Vision.

Businesses have been downsized, flattened, stretched and restructured. In this environment, knowing what project you’re planning and planning it right is what delivers results, what makes you agile, able to respond. That’s what our Agile Project Process ™ was invented to do. That’s what it does.

And that’s what makes us who we are. Erika Jones & Associates (EJA) is a consulting firm that specializes in using projects to manage complexity, unknowns and change. We help clients: 

  • Develop breakthrough technology
  • Bring successful new products to market ahead of the competition
  • Implement new business strategies during times of change
  • Excel at R&D in the government arena

The Agile Project ProcessTM is the core of our proven methodology, Agile Project ManagementTM. It is built on years of work with scientists, engineers and technical people in both the public and private sectors.

Our approach is focused, results-driven and designed to incorporate the nuts and bolts of project management and the realities of human nature and organizations.

We don't use games, simulations or exercises.

We work with real teams doing their real work.

We facilitate powerful, relevant project planning sessions that create real outputs and immediate results.

Erika Jones, EJA's staff, and our associates are dedicated to helping you achieve the results you need. Our associates, all either scientists, engineers or professionals accomplished in working with technical audiences, have years of real-world experience and have completed a rigorous certification process.

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